Science & environment



Scientist-Project Leader

DIB (formerly Genencor) 1989 to 2016

During my 29 years in biotechnology I have worked on a number of projects from developing artificial heart valves to biofuels.  Most recently I led a multidisciplinary multinational team in the development of the enzyme system (biological catalyst) required for conversion of agricultural waste to biofuels.  In this area of research, I am recognized as an expert in the field and I have co-authored numerous technology patents and publications. 

Public Service

Surfrider Foundation San Mateo Chapter

I co-founded the San Mateo Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation in the mid 90’s and was the Chair for over 15 years. As a Surfrider representative, I have spoken before the California Coastal Commission and worked closely with their staff on several projects. I have also worked with the State Lands Commission and testified before CA State Senate and Fish and Wildlife hearings on behalf of environmental protection and public access.

Under my leadership our Chapter established a water quality testing facility and teaching program. I’ve run the lab for the past 17 years. Our lab volunteers sample key points weekly along coastside beaches and streams and test these water samples for bacterial pollutants. The results are then posted online to inform the public. Our Chapter co-authored a million dollar grant to do bacterial source tracking at Pillar Point Harbor using PCR, a technique that isolates genetic material, to determine if the bacteria came from human, cow, dog, etc.


I have been on the Board of Directors of Committee for Green Foothills (CGF) for over 7 years. I am chair of CGF’s Advocacy Committee which is responsible for working with CGF’s staff to advocate for responsible development and protection of open spaces in the Bay Area.


I was an invited speaker to Capitol Hill Oceans Week in Washington DC to speak about public access and environmental protection from a user point of view. The audience was composed of scientist congressional staff and congressmen as well as NOAA staff and others. I was a member of the NOAA working group that focused on revising the regulations for the National Marine Sanctuary. I was also a member of another NOAA working group that developed a plan for designing a Marine Sanctuary discovery center for the County. Along with NOAA and other agencies I worked to designate the Fitzgerald Marine Preserve as a Marine Protected Area.