Collaboration is the key



  • Collaboration is the key to success. The Climate Change Committee, which I founded, demonstrates how diverse community members who care about an issue can work together for best results. The committee engages dog lovers, birders, fishermen and women, surfers, kayakers, environmentalists, and others. I will continue to work with all of the Harbor Commissioners, harbor personnel, elected officials, pertinent agencies, and the public to improve communication and transparency between all involved parties.

  • Inclusion of the public in decisions which impact both harbors and bay lands is important because individuals, public agencies, and local groups can provide information vital to the success of a project. By forming committees I created processes for impactful public input. I’ve worked to ensure public input on important District matters concerning for public access, strategic planning, coastal protections, water quality, and more.

  • Education is our future. Our harbors are the perfect outdoor classroom available for all to learn about the impact of sea level rise, the necessity of environmental protection and habitat restoration, sustainable fisheries, and responsible, respectful development. I will work towards creating educational opportunities such as having a National Marine Sanctuary Visitor Center at Pillar Point.

  • Preservation of the natural beauty and the environment surrounding Oyster Point Marina, Pillar Point Harbor and the bay lands includes responsible development and improving visitor serving facilities. These goals are not mutually exclusive. For example, protection of public access at Surfers Beach using sand replenishment.

Surfrider coastal classroom

Surfrider coastal classroom