4th Annual Wildlife Disturbance Symposium



Coastal Wildlife Disturbance Symposium

I am pleased to announce that I have been selected to give a presentation at the 4th Annual Central California Coastal Wildlife Disturbance Symposium!

“Congratulations Honorable Edmundo Larenas, Commissioner San Mateo County Harbor District. Your abstract has been selected for presentation at the 4th Annual Central California Coastal Wildlife Disturbance Symposium.”

Date and time: Monday, November 5, 2018, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Location: Bing Boardroom, Monterey Bay Aquarium

20-Minute Oral Presentation 10-Minute Discussion

Pillar Point Harbor is a popular tourist destination that is home port to a vital commercial and sport fishing industry, live aboard and pleasure boats, kayakers, sailors, paddle boarders and kite boarders.  It is owned and operated by San Mateo County and managed by the San Mateo County Harbor District Board.  

The harbor is nestled inside (but not part of) the Monterey Bay National Sanctuary adjacent to the Pillar Point State Marine Conservation Area.  Pillar Point Marsh, a designated Area of Special Biological Significance (managed by San Mateo County Parks) is situated inside the harbor’s boundaries.  The harbor is home to a resident population of Pacific harbor seals, used as a haul-out by California sea lions, and occasionally visited by Southern sea otters.  The harbor supports breeding populations of several bird species and is located on the Pacific Flyway.

The potential for negative impacts on wildlife has increased with the number of people and types of recreation.  This presentation describes the challenges we face and the outcomes of our efforts to balance the harbor’s mission of assuring the public is provided a clean, safe, well managed, financially sound, environmentally pleasant marina, with local, state and federal laws that protect wildlife.

Speaker: The Honorable Edmundo Larenas – Member, San Mateo County Harbor Commission