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THANK YOU to our most recent endorsements:

Don Horsley, Board of Supervisors District 3, Dr. Deborah Penrose, Mayor Half Moon Bay,

Debbie Ruddock, City Council Half Moon Bay and John Keener, Mayor Pacifica

2018 ENDORSEMENTS - more on the way!


  • Sierra Club Loma Preita Chapter*

  • Lennie Roberts, Legislative Advocate for the Committee for Green Foothills *

  • Representatives

  • April Vargas, San Mateo County Democratic representative*

  • Kathryn Slater-Carter, Director, Montara Water & Sanitary District; previous member of the Midcoast Community Council*

  • Dave Olson, Immediate Past Chair, Midcoast Community Council*

  • Lisa Ketchum, Midcoast Community Council*

  • Harvey Rarback, Director, Coastside Fire Protection District*

  • Don Horsley, Board of Supervisors District 3*

    Dr. Deborah Penrose, Mayor Half Moon Bay*

    Debbie Ruddock, City Council Half Moon Bay*

    John Keener, Mayor Pacifica*

    *Endorsements from elected officials and 501 (c)3 non-profits considered for identification purposes only


The Half Moon Bay Review - October 26, 2016

Ed Larenas is running for the two-year term and we wish we could clone him. He is a Moss Beach resident and chair of the county’s chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. He is a biochemist with a deep understanding of water chemistry. In fact, Surfrider maintains a laboratory in Princeton to monitor harbor water quality. He is our best hope to do something about perennially poor water quality in the harbor. He has sailed the Pacific Ocean and knows what makes a good harbor.

Larenas is an environmentalist and a consensus builder and a familiar face at meetings. He doesn’t just fancy local politics in his retirement years. He has always had an eye toward good local governance.

The San Mateo County Harbor District once seemed like a waste of taxpayer money. Now it can be a vital, visitor-serving cog in a county unlike any other.

Supervisor Don Horsley - I am honored to receive your endorsement. Thank you!

Senator Jerry Hill - Thank you Senator Hill for your support and words of encouragement!


San Mateo Daily Journal article 9/23/2016

  • "... Larenas has a wide breadth of experience in both the scientific and environmental world that would complement the work of the board right away. As a member of Surfrider, he has worked on coastal water quality and helped act as a go-between for government and citizens for the greater good. It is that spirit of collaboration that would serve the board well."