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2018 Endorsements




  • Sierra Club - Loma Prieta Chapter

  • Coastside Progressive Democrats

  • Half Moon Bay Review


  • Don Horsley, Supervisor District 3, San Mateo County

  • Sabrina Brennan, Commissioner, San Mateo Harbor District

  • Sally Lieber, Assemblywoman (Ret.) at California State Assembly

  • Richard Holober, Board President, SMC Community College District

  • Dr. Deborah Penrose, Mayor, City of Half Moon Bay

  • John Keener, Mayor, City of Pacifica

  • Deirdre Martin, Council member, City of Pacifica

  • Kirsten Keith, Council member, City of Menlo Park

  • Dave Olson, Council member, Midcoast Community Council

  • Debbie Ruddock, Council member, City of Half Moon Bay

  • Harvey Rarback, Council member, City of Half Moon Bay

  • Kathryn Slater-Carter, Director, Montara Water & Sanitary District

  • Lisa Ketchum, Board Member, Midcoast Community Council

  • Neil Merrilees, Commissioner, San Mateo County Parks

  • Kris Liang, Committee Member, Midcoast Design Review


  • Lennie Roberts, Legislative Advocate, Committee for Green Foothills

  • Rob Caughlan, Environmentalist, first President of Surfrider Foundation

  • Kris Liang, Naturalist, Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

  • April Vargas, Representative, San Mateo County Democrats

  • Dru Devlin, Research Associate at Greater Farallones Association

  • Anne-Carlijn Alderkamp, Oceanographer

  • Charles Lester, Researcher, Marine Science Institute, UC Santa Barbara

  • Tina Jeoh Zicari, Associate Professor at UC Davis

  • Michelle Stevens, Professor California State University, Wetlands Ecologist

  • Louis White, Civil/Coastal Engineer at Environmental Science Associates

  • Mary Sanders, Clinical Associate Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine

  • William Throndset, Research Scientist at Novozymes

  • Thierry Sornasse, Scientific Director at AbbVie

  • Marina Chow, Senior Scientist at DuPont Industrial Biosciences

  • Alice Kaufman, Legislative Advocacy Director, Committee for Green Foothills

  • Steve Perez, VP Fundraising Indo Jax Surf Charities

  • Amanda Hildebrand, Scientist DuPont Industrial Biosciences

  • Vickie Brewster, Partner at FisherBroyles, LLP

  • Bryan Beck, Director, Committee for Green Foothills

  • Paul Shapiro, Pharma/Biotech Assay Development Leader

  • Barbara Kossy, Outdoor Adventure Guide

  • Dalya Soul, Film Maker, "It Ain't Pretty"

  • Mellie Alfano, Associate at EHDD

  • James Burwick, Adventure Expeditions

  • Jon Wittenberg, Scientist at Checkerspot, Inc.

  • Anneliese Argen, Senior Paralegal

  • Melodie Dylla, Patent Agent

  • Eli Saddler, Chair Surfrider San Francisco Chapter

  • Brain Schmidt, Program Director at Greenbelt Alliance

  • Teresa Kammerer, Teacher, Cabrillo Unified School District

  • Gary Horsman, Poet, Singer, Song Writer

  • Roy Toft, Toft Photo Safaris & Gallery

  • Mike Wallace, MBA, Coach, Half Moon Bay Surf Team

  • Ron Kucera, Realtor at Alain Pinel Realtors

  • Evelyn de Souza, Security, Privacy and Compliance Leader

  • Frits Goedegebuur, Senior Scientist DuPont Industrial Biosciences

  • Jeff Segall, R&D Optical Engineer at Lumentum

  • Mimi Pulliam Salmon, IT Partner, BD Biosciences

  • Jennifer Werbe, Principal at WerbeRT Properties

  • Angelique Alexander, Certified Real Estate Appraiser

  • Kerri Kemp Gardner, Kerri Kemp Gardner, Manager, Kellogg Garden Products

  • Colleen Granahan, Manager/Event Coordinator

  • Amelia Lynn Masters, Executive Assistant at Ayasdi, Inc

  • Lisa Lopez, Flt. Attendant at American Airlines

  • Terry Hanratty, Master Carpenter

  • Sally Benson, Owner, Beck and Call

  • Eric Nelson, Powerlines Production

  • Dorene Wassman

  • Barbara Dye

  • Myra Lee

  • Ginger Stutzman

  • Cindy Meyer

  • Karen Anderson

  • Ivan Dekovic

  • Dwain Goforth

  • Taty Dharma

  • Naomi Deal

  • Jenny Meyer Feix

  • Cecilia M Dekovic,

  • Cecilia Pearlman

  • Eric Rennsiess

2018 ENDORSEMENT quotes

Half Moon Bay Review - October 17, 2018

“Larenas has used his pulpit to tackle big issues…. He has established commission committees with climate change and wildlife preservation at their core. He is simply the most thoughtful harbor commissioner in the last decade.”

Sierra Club - Loma Prieta Chapter

"Ed Larenas ran for this seat 2 years ago and finished as the impressive top vote getter—and no wonder.  Ed has an excellent background as the longtime leader of the San Mateo Surfrider Chapter and he is justifiably famed for several environmental victories—both politically and legally.  Among his prior accomplishments is the establishment of a Coastside sea-water testing lab not far from the Mavericks surfing area that has been operated by volunteers for 15 continuous years.  On the District board he is the steady voice of environmental science - exactly what we expected from him.  Please re-elect Ed Larenas.”

Don Horsley, Supervisor District 3, San Mateo County

"Ed has been an effective Harbor Commissioner and passionate environmental advocate.  Under his leadership the district has made significant progress on water quality, wildlife protection and climate change preparedness."

2016 ENDORSEMENTs quotes

Half Moon Bay Review - October 26, 2016

Ed Larenas is running for the two-year term and we wish we could clone him. He is a Moss Beach resident and chair of the county’s chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. He is a biochemist with a deep understanding of water chemistry. In fact, Surfrider maintains a laboratory in Princeton to monitor harbor water quality. He is our best hope to do something about perennially poor water quality in the harbor. He has sailed the Pacific Ocean and knows what makes a good harbor.

Larenas is an environmentalist and a consensus builder and a familiar face at meetings. He doesn’t just fancy local politics in his retirement years. He has always had an eye toward good local governance.

The San Mateo County Harbor District once seemed like a waste of taxpayer money. Now it can be a vital, visitor-serving cog in a county unlike any other.

San Mateo Daily Journal - September 23, 2016

"... Larenas has a wide breadth of experience in both the scientific and environmental world that would complement the work of the board right away. As a member of Surfrider, he has worked on coastal water quality and helped act as a go-between for government and citizens for the greater good. It is that spirit of collaboration that would serve the board well."

*Endorsements from elected officials and 501 (c)3 non-profits considered for identification purposes only