Dear San Mateo County Voter,

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I have been honored to served as Harbor Commissioner for the last two years. I am proud of my record as a Commissioner and I am especially pleased with the accomplishments of the two committees I founded: Wildlife Protection and Climate Change Resiliency. Through these committees and with the help of knowledgeable Harbor District staff, the public and competent consultants, we’ve made great strides towards sand replenishment at surfers beach, harbor dredging, educational signage to protect wildlife, and more. I’m thankful to all members of the public who attend committee meetings and offer ideas, ask questions, and make suggestions.

During my two years as Harbor Commissioner I’ve used my skills as a scientist, project leader, and ocean advocate to improve our marine environment, protect commercial fisheries, and enhance public serving facilities. I support open government, transparency, and fiscal responsibility and I will continue to encourage public comment in Harbor District planning and building.

I appreciate your vote. With your support, I look forward to another four years!

Ed Larenas



Half Moon Bay Review

“He is simply the most thoughtful harbor commissioner in the last decade.”

Don Horsley San Mateo County Supervisor

“Ed has been an effective Harbor Commissioner and passionate environmental advocate.  Under his leadership the District has made significant progress on water quality enhancement, wildlife protection and climate change preparedness."

Sierra Club Loma Prieta

“On the District Board he is the steady voice of environmental science-exactly what we expect from him.”


Join me in supporting Nancy Reyering for Harbor Commissioner

I am running on a slate with Nancy Reyering. We currently serve on the Committee for Green Foothills board of directors. I’ve enjoyed working with Nancy and I know she will bring an informed balanced voice to the Harbor District.  

“Nancy will provide a crucial voice on the Harbor Commission for protection of our and Bay waters that sustain our fishing and tourism industries. With many years as Chair of Surfrider Foundation, Ed brings an impressive record as a scientist, community leader, and passionate advocate for the Bay and coast.

“We need both both Nancy and Ed on the Harbor District to keep them working on behalf of our environment.”

Lennie Roberts, Environmental Leader




Sailing in San Francisco Bay

Sailing in San Francisco Bay

My wife and I have sailed over 30,000 miles, a large part of that as blue water sailing from California to Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia, Hawaii, and back to Pillar Point Harbor, our home port. Our longest open water passage exceeded 3000 miles from the Galapagos Islands to the Marquesas. We have also sailed the coast of California and the Channel Islands off Santa Barbara countless times. We lived on sailboats for 12 years, in Pillar Point Harbor, Oyster Point Marina, Redwood City, and Palo Alto, before buying our home in Moss Beach. Today we still sail our 39 foot Cavalier out of Pillar Point Harbor and are members of the Half Moon Bay Yacht Club.  Living on a boat and sailing provides a unique understanding of the inner workings of a harbor and the importance of protecting our waterways and coastline.  It has also given us an appreciation of the value of visitor serving facilities and public access to our beaches and harbors.



Diving off the Channel Islands

Diving off the Channel Islands

I have been diving since I was 16. I am PADI, NAUI and Los Angeles County Advanced Diver certified. While sailing has given me a unique perspective of the ocean surface, diving has given me an appreciation of what lies beneath.

“The sea, the great unifier, is man's only hope. Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same ”

–Jacques Yves Cousteau



Surfrider San Mateo Chapter

Surfrider Water Quality Lab - testing water samples from Pillar Point Harbor and key points along San Mateo coast

Surfrider Water Quality Lab - testing water samples from Pillar Point Harbor and key points along San Mateo coast

Under my leadership the San Mateo Chapter opened a water quality testing lab in 2001. We continue to take water samples from Pillar Point Harbor, Surfer's Beach and other key points along the San Mateo coast. The lab measures the amount of bacteria in the water which is used as an indicator of its potential as a health hazard. This information is posted online and used to advocate for clean water solutions. Our lab is also used the Resource Conservation District to stage its studies on water quality.